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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Accessories & Beyond Elastic Bracelets with Gold Plated Detailing. Available in Sets of $15 for $62

Accessories & Beyond Elastic Bracelets
Just in time for summer, a swim-friendly version of Accessories & Beyond's best-selling bangles. These are made from stretchy elastic and have the same gold plated tube details. Sold in a set of 15- for under $100, it's a genius way to buy an armful of bangles.

Available from Ravin Style for $62

Available in Black, Turquoise, Raspberry, and Canary Yellow.

Also Available in Red, Black, Brown, or White from Revolve Clothing for $61

Available in Orange with Gold from South Moon Under
Colors also available from South Moon Under: Cobalt w/ Gold, Yellow w/ Gold, Raspberry w/ Gold, Greenw/ Gold, and Black w/ Gold

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