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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Jennifer Zeuner Designer Bio - Jewelry Designer

Jennifer Zeuner Jewelry's Biography
Born and raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico, jewelry designer Jennifer Zeuner was initially shaped by the island’s vibrant energy. Her fascination with brilliant colors and fashion trends also blossomed through her time spent at her father’s clothing factory. She always new she would pursue a career in the fashion industry.
At 30, after living in the US for a little over decade, she launched her own jewelry line. At first, her pieces couldn’t help but reference her past. They consisted mostly of bright stones or red butterflies on long chains, a Cameron Diaz favorite. Although the pieces from her initial collections garnered much praise, Jennifer is constantly evolving and so is her jewelry.
Her ongoing collection now consists mostly of pendants on short delicate chains. Some pendants such as the “Giving Tree” are extremely high polish and modern and some are edgier, i.e. electric guitar. Most are silver or 14k gold. And, all are a glimpse of her talent and passion. Jennifer Zeuner has been featured in SOMA Magazine, Lucky Magazine, WWD Accessories, US Weekly and many other publications. Also, she was featured by GenArt (Miami) as one of their “Fresh Faces in Fashion” in April, 2006.
Jennifer Zeuner Jewelry can be purchased at the following stores:

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