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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Affordable Glamour Clutches Galore!

Glamour clutches like you see on your favorite celebrities don't have to be on your wish list! Check out these great prices for the same look!

Banana Republic has great accessories this fall. The specifically have great jeweled and decorative handbags and jewelry! Definitely don't miss out on this trend!

Measurements: 4" x 10" x 1"

A great place to find last minute accessories for an event or party is definitely The have the great fold over metal mesh clutches that many of the more expensive retailers are carrying. In fact, this adroable metal mesh foldover clutch in either silver or black is available for far less than the almost identical version offered at Club Monaco Retail Stores.

Magentic Foldover Flap Closure. 11"w x 7"h

J. Crew is always a great place to find on trend accessories. The prices tend to be hit or miss depending upon the style, but you can always be sure the quality is great. The also tend to have special items in the end of the season sale!

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