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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Expensive Lingerie Leading to More Confidence?

Not everyone can afford the luxury of a dresser drawer full of brands such as Agent Provocateur, Chantelle, Cosabella Talco, or La Perla, but there is something to be said for the boost in confidence that results from donning a sexy set that is perfectly fitted. In the book Little Lady, Big Apple, the main character Melissa finds herself taking on an alter ego, after feeling the power and confidence gained from something as hidden as a woman's underpinnings.

My Name is Melissa Romney-Jones, but between the hours of nine and five you can call me Honey.
That's when I'm at work, running the Little Lady Agency, London's premier freelance girlfriend service. During offices hours, I'm Honey Blennerhesket, queen of scruffy bachelors and scourge of slacking domestics. The Little Lady Agency, my very own business, is the first port of call for hopeless single chaps who need to borrow a woman's expertise for the afternoon. You'd be astounded how many of themn there are...
My office was a little second-floor flat: The main room was my lilac-walled, calming consultation space, with a tiny bathroom, and even tinier kitchen alcove, and a small second room, in which I kept spare clothes, supplies, and a fold-out bed in case of emergency.
Leaving the door open so I could chat to Gabi, I slipped out of my floaty summer skirt and hunted about for my garter belt. There weren't that many businesses where you could spend hundreds of pounds on Agent Provocateur underwear and charge it to office furniture. As I slid the first crisp new stocking over my toes and carefully smoothes it up and over my leg, I started to feel, as I always did, a little bit more confident. More put together. More in charge...
I fixed the stocking in place and quickly rolled on the other. I'd got quite adept at this. There was a knack to it, a little flick of the finger and thumb, which was really rather satisfying to acquire. I could imagine
Jane Russell doing it. After my stockings came the black pencil skirt, which skimmed over the curve of my tummy. It was a high garter belt, with a decent flattering capacity...
I slipped into a fresh black shirt and buttoned it over my rose satin balconette bra. Not that clients ever got to see my spectacularly glam underpinnings, obviously, but it made me feel better, knowing they were there.

Hester Browne, Little Lady, Big Apple. Pgs 1,6-7

The lingerie of Jane Russell, Rita Hayworth, or Marilyn Monroe certainly not the lingerie of today. It is the lingerie of the Hollywood star or pin-up girl of the 40's, 50's and even 60's. Whether it's a corset, a balconette, or a garter, these garments all create a feeling of femininity and power. There have been many studies linking lingerie and a woman's confidence, so I think it's worth a shot. The worst that can happen is you end up with a really nice bra/underwear set or two!
In actual fact black is the color people choose to convey power. With black lingerie a person is signifying the desire to appear bold and mysterious. It doesn’t even matter if anybody sees the lingerie, the person wearing it is only chasing the feeling. What the wearer of black lingerie is feeling is the power of control over themselves and others...
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